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Osez l'originalité

Who is The Elegant by Jess ?

The story of The elegant by Jess begins with the search for a fascinator, not finding one because I want a headdress worthy of the English aristocracy during the famous horse races … So as a matter of course, I decided to create my first bibi. I live from this universe made of elegance, technique, history and imagination. In my workshop, the material worked is noble, natural and the activity is eco-responsible!

The bakwa, resulting from the weaving of vegetable fibers, is the master of the place! Yes, I managed to sublimate this ancestral know-how by adding a retro-chic touch, making my creations a real link between Martinican culture, fashion, eras and the world. The secret of this performance lies in the precision of the pastry chef, the patience of the seamstress, the tender and light gesture of the mother and wife, and in my fingers: faithful scribes of my creative thought who perform with elegance and poetry.

Welcome to my world…

So let yourself be carried away by my creations set with elegance and beaded with delicacy. Dare to wear my daring bibis. Trust Ebyjess, I will be able to draw the outlines of your ideas …

This universe brings everything together, allows everything …

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